Home Automation with HomeKit

More than a home remote, a companion

Use Homotic as a remote

Accessories screen is your home remote. Favorite scenes are displayed as fast commands. Accessories controls accessible for fine-tuned setup. Sensors are visible at a glance.


This startup screen is also the place for managing homes and adding new devices.

Quick access in today's widget

Display your favorite scenes as widget for instant access from any app or locked screen.


Scenes can include multiple actions simultaneously. Example: ‘Goodnight’ scene might turn off lights, close shutters and lock the door.

Actions tab is the place where you setup automated actions.


Automated actions include run-once scenes planned into the future, recurrent tasks running periodically and conditions-driven actions.


Scheduled actions are visible as a timeline for next occurence.

Scenes tab defines home ‘buttons’ to be used by yourself or Siri.


A pictures library helps you identify your scenes.


Favorite scenes are accessible from home screen, widget or AppleWatch.

Edit your rooms and floors for use with Siri. Create rooms where accessories stand. Group them as in ‘Downstairs’ or ‘Sleeping area’ for smarter use.


Exemples of Siri commands:

- ‘Turn off lights downstairs’

- ’Set kitchen light to 80%’

- ‘Close garage door’

- ‘Set sleeping area temperature to 70°F’

AppleWatch favorite scenes
AppleWatch complication with time-travel

AppleWatch provides quick access to  favorite scenes.


Complications are available for viewing next automated tasks using Time Travel.