Home Automation with HomeKit


Home Automation with HomeKit

Works with HomeKit

Works with HomeKit logo

Your home controlled with a single remote.


Compatible with any HomeKit device including Philips Hue™ Lights, August™ Locks, NetAtmo™ Thermostat and tens more.

Use Homotic as a remote

Automate your home

Plan your lights, shutters or temperature and forget about it.


‘Turn off light every week day at 8.00 a.m’.


‘Close shutters every night 1h after sunset’.


‘Run fan if room temp. exceed 95 °F’

Keep control

Because home automation is not only about frequent tasks but also frequent exceptions, Looming helps dealing with them.


Looming will remind next tasks, using alerts or Watch complications.

Postponne scheduled actions quickly

On a device near you

Allways in your pocket. Allways on your wrist. Having Siri’s ears.


Being in the couch, in the kitchen, in the car, in the gardern. Anywhere. It’s likely you have a way to control your home.

Hey Siri ! Always ready to control your home
Multiple complications to fit your watch style